Picture Keychain For a Unique Gift

Make homemade picture hearings by this simple step-by-step homemade photo keyring tutorial! An easy to follow, no need to worry DIY photo keyring is a great gift for friends, and family, as well as to give to special someone on Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, or to show your appreciation for a job well done.

* You will need: A bottle or can of clear (white) ink, white paper (preferably thick), scissors, white construction paper, a red or pink picture, a colored pen, an embroidery needle, a fabric paint brush, a red ribbon, or some type of ribbon, and an inexpensive gift card. * Find a picture that you want to decorate with, but keep in mind that a large picture of your face or a large painting of you can be difficult to frame. If you cannot find a good picture to use, you can use any color of paper you want. * Start by taking the picture in a small, square format. Use a pencil to draw a small square, with a small border at the top crystallasergifts.com.

* If you do not have a frame ready to hang your picture wearing on, you can use any fabric to hold the photo, or any cardboard you have laying around the house. You can also use cardboard tubes with a picture already in them. * Once you are done with your photo, fold it neatly and lay it flat on your paper. * Carefully draw around the photo, remembering to stop about an inch from the edges. * Cut off the excess. You can glue the finished picture onto a white paper, if you would prefer to have your picture on one of your own 3dlasergifts.com.

* To attach the photo, fold it once more so that the bottom half is on top of the photo. Secure it securely by pinching or by sewing using a sewing needle. If the bottom half of the photo is not visible, you can simply pin or sew the bottom part of it to another part of the frame before folding. The two sides of the photo.

* You can add the image to the frame as you would a normal picture, using a fabric paint brush or a small needle to spread the paint around the picture. * If you wish to decorate the photo with glitter, a tiny dab of glitter may be added with a cotton swab or some other type of applicator. * Before you remove the picture, use a white or black marker to write a few quick notes on the front of the frame with some kind of permanent marker. * Be sure to leave a little room for future use so that the glue doesn’t run through the entire frame. After the glue is dried, remove the frame and remove the paintbrush or applicator. * Put the picture back on the picture.

* If you like, you can make several pictures with the same picture to create a keychain. * After the picture is dry, remove the label from the keyring and use the photo as a gift tag. A picture frame will protect the picture and add it to a larger group of pictures that you can use to fill your home with even more memories. * If you have a very old or worn out photo, you can also frame it and put the picture onto a gift card for another person 3dgifts.com.

* If you feel more adventurous, you can buy a large rectangular frame and use it as a picture keyring or a keychain. * If you are using a blank card, write the name of the person you are giving it to on the front, in capital letters. This way, if the person finds your photo on it, they can find it easier and quicker.

In summary, using a picture keychain or a picture frame with a photograph is an easy and fun way to create a memorable, personalized gift. If you have not used a hearing before, consider purchasing a large one and then use it as a picture or keychain for someone special.

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